Lakshmi Narayan

Lakshmi Narayan

I have worked with entheogens for 20 years, starting with my first journey with Ayahuasca in Peru in 1997. They have allowed me to delve deep into the mirror of myself, heal life traumas, and understand the nature of self and god and reality through my own experience, not books, not hearsay.

Underneath the stories of pleasure and pain that we live, there is another movement happening—the journey of consciousness in time. A journey from blindness to vision. From ignorance to wisdom. From alienation to love. At some point in their life-time(s), individuals become aware of this process of awakening and the journey takes on momentum and critical mass. 

Keys are found and doors open —across time and culture. The person in quest-in begins to see that there are bridges to understanding that are fragmented and buried in the myths and stories of many cultures. Perhaps some of these associations resonate in the context of a past-life memory, or a feeling of inexplicable familiarity. One’s own “body of knowledge”—this very flesh— awakens to a celebration of the cosmic principles of life. Belief systems and values within the single lifetime collapse and are reintegrated over-and-over, leading to many rebirths in one life.

I’ve understood something about this as revealed through the sacramental journey, the iChing, sacred geometry, the spelling of words, and the meaning of archetypes. This understanding is transformative. It has a consistent and demonstrable logic to it. It is a code. You could call it the awakening code.

Like DNA, it is a pattern which informs and enlightens. The inter-connections between apparently dissimilar things or people. The levels of spontaneous unfoldment in a process. The nature of divine Mind.

There are myths about individuals who have achieved enlightenment, but the stories usually focus on the personality and not the process. While the process itself has as many flavors as the personality, it is intrinsically timeless, and is happening to us even when we are ignorant of it. The process of awakening has relevance to our time because it is largely forgotten as a human evolutionary purpose.



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