How to do a Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema Recipe

I find coffee enemas to be a sort of spiritual process of elimination. I set intentions for releasing things that I’m holding onto that don’t serve me– behaviors, incidents, memories, grudges, resentments, bad feelings etc. Set an intention before your coffee enema. Be specific. If you use cannabis you may try having some before the enema as it can both relax your body and heighten your feelings.

  1. Add 8 cups (2 quarts) of filteres or purified water into a pot.  Do not use an aluminum pot. 
  2. Next, add 4 tablespoons of organic roasted coffee, fine grind, into the pot of water and stir it in.   
  3. Place on stove and bring to a rapid boil.  
  4. Let stand 12 minutes. 
  5. Remove from stove and strain the coffee using a clean filter or cloth.
  6. Gather your enema materials:
  1. Next, in the bathroom take your enema bucket and tubing and make sure the white clamp on the tubing is shut tightly.
  2. Pour 2 cups of coffee, and 2 cups of purified water into the enema bucket. The bucket should be around the halfway mark, luke warm. 


  1.   Hold the tubing over a sink and release the clamp so that a little of the solution runs through the tubing and into the sink.  Then quickly close the clamp again.  Doing this will remove air and air bubbles from the tubing.  This is important to do.
  2. Next, place an old towel on the bed or floor where you will be lying down.  (You can cover the towel with plastic sheeting as well. Plastic is easy to clean and wipe up if there is any spillage out.)
  3. Next, take the enema bucket to where you will administer your enema into the rectum. 

Hang or place the bucket 16″ to 45″ above where your bottom will be. The higher the bucket, the greater the flow. (the shower pipe works)

Coffee enemas are usually  administered  lying down on the bed or floor.  But you can also administer it while standing in the shower area, and then moving to the bed to lie down on your right side and hold in the enema  for the required 15 minutes. 

  1.   Make sure the tubing from bucket to your body is in a straight line, with no waviness.  Waviness can inhibit the flow. If you have to cut the tubing a little, you can do so.
  2.   Lubricate the end of the enema nozzle with olive/coconut oil and insert into your rectum.   Do this carefully. You do not want to tear any tissues.
  3. Release the clamp and allow the solution to flow.  When you feel full, shut the clamp. You should not feel uncomfortable.  If you do, then you took in too much solution.
  4. Lie on your right side for 15 minutes if you can, and hold the enema solution in.
  5. When finished holding in enema, go to the toilet and eliminate.
  6. You can repeat the whole process again, and then the thrid time use just water to rinse.
  7. Eat a bowl of yogurt, drink kefir or butterilk, or take some acidophilus capsules to create more friendly bacteria in your gut to replace anythat got washed away.

*Note:   If you find you are having trouble holding the coffee in during the enema, then the coffee solution could be too strong for you.  You can dilute the coffee enema by adding water to it, and this will lessen the potency, and you will be able to retain it longer.