Ibogaine Detox: What to Expect

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Ibogaine Detox: What to Expect

Ibogaine is derived through the purification of the root bark of the African iboga shrub, scientifically known as Tabernanthe iboga. Originally used as a sacrament and medicine by the Pygmy and Bwiti tribes of West Africa, iboga has gained popularity around the world for its therapeutic potential and power to transform the mind, body, and spirit. Ibogaine, one of twelve alkaloids contained in iboga, was miraculously discovered by Howard Lotsof in the 1960’s when he realized its power to detox the body from an opiate/heroin addiction. Since then, ibogaine has spread worldwide for the treatment of opiate addiction and other addictions. As one of the most powerful entheogenic substances on the planet with some dangerous contraindications, ibogaine should only to be administered by medical professionals in a medically sound and trusted facility where ibogaine is legal.

Ibogaine continues to surprise the addiction treatment industry with its astounding effects in detoxing, cleansing, healing, and resetting brain and body back to a pre-addiction state. As the drug and alcohol addiction epidemic continues to worsen and traditional addiction treatment methods struggle to keep up, ibogaine presents a very unique and powerful detox can instantly free a person from nearly any addiction in a one-time-treatment, but proper preparation and aftercare is critical to ensure this “addiction interruption” lasts.

Why Ibogaine Detox

Ibogaine treatment is primarily used as an opiate addiction treatment (heroin, suboxone, methadone, etc.) but it has also been used as an effective treatment for cocaine, methamphetamines, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and other chemical addictions. Ibogaine restores the brain to a pre-addictive state by resetting the neuro-pathways involved in addiction, making it much easier to live a healthier life and transcend addiction with significantly less withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Aside from the neurological benefits, ibogaine is known for taking people on an exploration of their complete human experience from an new perspective that awakens truth and new understandings. People often report coming face to face with the underlying causes of their addictive choices, helping them to move past them with faith, courage, passion, determination, and inspiration.

Benefits of an Ibogaine Detox

People often describe their ibogaine treatment as a life-changing-experience that positively impacts every aspect of their personal development. Before Ibogaine, a person addicted to drugs simply cannot stop using or gain control of their behaviors. The drug of choice controls the brain, and the brain then controls the addict. Ibogaine treatment is understood to detox the cells in the opiate reward system reshaping the cells back to their original state. In this way one’s endogenous chemicals (produced naturally) can self-regulate, so one’s ability to feel “normal” is no longer dependent on an exogenous (foreign) chemical. This immediately eliminates withdrawals and drug cravings for the majority of people who undergo ibogaine treatment. In other types of addiction detox it can takes months after the removal of a substance for the body to return to its natural state. Many people also report that ibogaine restores their natural and healthy patterns of sleeping, eating, exercising, and sense of wellbeing.

After Ibogaine Detox

After ibogaine treatment most people feel free of their addiction and empowered to take control of their life. As powerful as ibogaine is, ultimately long-term success is determined by aftercare and integration. One must continue to evolve their mind and life to remove negative influences and ground themselves in their new, sober way of living. It’s true that ibogaine treatment transforms the mind and body in a way that is miraculous and enlightening; however, ibogaine treatment is only a first step in recovery. In order to maintain sobriety, one must commit to integrating their experience and continuing their transformation by changing and improving all areas of their life. Ibogaine providers and specialists all recommend choosing a trusted integration and aftercare support system to bookend an ibogaine experience. There are many considerations involved in aftercare and integration, so it is important to choose a comprehensive support system.

At Being True to You, we have been working with people going through ibogaine treatment for over 6 years, and would be happy to answer your questions about ibogaine treatment, preparation, and aftercare. We provide 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, online courses, and a library of resources to help anyone get the most out of their ibogaine treatment and stay sober. Contact us today to learn more.

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