How to Use Psychedelics Responsibly

How to Use Psychedelics Responsibly

How to Use Psychedelics Responsibly

With the astonishing amounts of promising research and increased attention on and access to psychedelics, it’s only natural to consider using them. Before you do, it’s crucial that you know how to use psychedelics responsibly.

If you’re considering using psychedelics, first read on to uncover some important tips on using psychedelics responsibly.

What are psychedelics?

Before we go into how to use psychedelics responsibly, let’s explain what psychedelics are. Psychedelics are hallucinogenic compounds that alter perception and mood and have effects on many of our cognitive processes. As powerful as psychedelics are, they are considered to be generally safe and not addictive, making them a revolutionary tool for various types of healing.

Commonly spoken about psychedelics or compounds with psychedelic properties include: Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), LSD (Acid), MDMA (Molly, Ecstasy), Ketamine, DMT, Ayahuasca, Mescaline (Peyote, San Pedro), Ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT.

Although the recent paradigm shift in psychedelics is revolutionary for our culture, the use of psychedelics or mind-altering substances is far from being a new development for humankind. In fact, the use of psychedelics dates back further than our written history.

What are some of the potential benefits of using psychedelics responsibly?

Studies and surveys are showing that using psychedelics responsibly has several potential benefits. These range from improvements in mood, social connectedness, self-confidence, morals, values, mindfulness, life satisfaction, reducing end-of-life distress and even treating mental health diagnoses such as major depressive and anxiety disorders, addiction and suicidality.

Amazing, right? Now what might happen if you don’t use psychedelics responsibly?

Although using psychedelics responsibly can be beneficial, using them irresponsibly can be equally harmful. Psychedelic experiences can present many challenges and without proper tools, supervision and support they can be difficult to navigate and integrate.

So, how do you use psychedelics responsibly?

One of the most important things to know about using psychedelics responsibly is to never take psychedelics alone. These are powerful, mind-altering substances and there is no way of knowing what will come up or how you will feel during your experience. While it is best to always have a trained guide or therapist with you; at the very least be sure to have a trusted, experienced and educated sitter present. No matter how comfortable you feel using psychedelics, always have that reassurance of having someone qualified present.

To use psychedelics responsibly, pay close attention to your “set and setting. “Set,” or mindset, during the experience will greatly influence your journey and requires careful preparation. You want to be equipped with the proper tools so that you can begin your journey feeling open, relaxed and trusting. Equally as important is your “setting” or physical space. To use psychedelics responsibly,  your space should be safe, calming, peaceful and clean. It can be helpful to have certain items nearby to help you ground in case of any challenges, photos of a loved one, items that have special meaning for you and soothing lighting. Working with a Psychedelic Integration Coach can be greatly beneficial here.

The feeling among the scientists is that these chemicals allow us to essentially reboot the brain. If the brain is stuck in these narrow grooves of thought — whether it’s an obsession or a fear or the story you tell yourself — all those deep grooves that lock us into patterns of both thought and behavior are dissolved and temporarily suspended in a way that allows us to break those patterns.

– Michael Pollan, TIME

If the psychedelic you are using is part of a ritual or ceremony, always do your research! As Voltaire said, “With great power comes great responsibility” and these can be extremely powerful experiences. Make sure people who you know and trust have worked with the group you are signing up for and that it is reputable and respected. Many of these ceremonies will require travel and the ones that don’t will be largely not legal; be 100% sure that you know the risks and have taken all necessary precautions. Be aware that not all facilitators have pure intentions. Doing improper or incomplete research before signing up for ceremony can have long-lasting detrimental effects.

The last thing to mention in terms of how to use psychedelics responsibly is to always work with a skilled coach or therapist who specializes in psychedelic integration.  The more care you put into preparation and integration, the more lasting benefits you will receive from your psychedelic experience. Many different insights and obstacles can come up through working with psychedelics, having support before, during and after is of the utmost importance.

Psychedelic experiences can be healing and lead to lasting transformation, but using psychedelics responsibly is not to be understated. If you’re considering using psychedelics, find the support you need here – you’ll be pleased you did!

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