Are you ready to take the next step by building your coaching business?

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Are you ready to take the next step by building your coaching business?

Starting your own coaching business has specific challenges. Engaging in a training program tailored to this process can make a world of difference.

So, you’ve finished the Being True To You coach training program… What is your True Self asking you to do with the information you have just acquired?

There are infinite paths on which you may choose to continue forward, carrying the information you have just obtained in whatever way you see fit.

Some of you may choose to keep this experience for yourself, holding it tightly, allowing it to percolate and integrate within you, while it directly and indirectly informs your personal work and life. Others may have completed the training some time ago and are now ready to legitimize your coaching business and take your services to the next level.

Maybe you are freshly out of the program and feel called to take the next step while the iron is in the fire.

Whichever path you are walking, I suspect that if you found yourself here reading this blog post you may have connected to a higher calling through the Being True To You training and might be seeking assistance on your journey of  building your own coaching business.

Can you picture what your life as a professional coach, and business owner would look like?

Independence, freedom to work from anywhere, being in service, working in an industry that you truly connect with. Whatever it may be that is fueling you to start your own coaching business, I implore you to take a moment to truly connect with your vision and the passion that drives you from within.

You know the lifestyle and level of personal success that you seek is attainable, as you can see others achieving it in their own lives.

You can visualize yourself living free of attachments, free from the constant monotony of the 9-5 grind, expanding your sense of self and your innate abilities as a human being.

If only you had the proper instruction and support to help you navigate through the process of building this coaching business, you could actualize your personal vision.

Well, my friends, look no further. I would like to introduce to you the  Becoming a Coach Business Training course, offered by Being True To You.

The Becoming a Coach Business Training is intentionally designed to walk you through the process of creating your coaching business, step by step. The material was thoughtfully collected, refined and arranged by Being True To You President and Founder, Deanne Adamson. She systematically pulled together all of the major aspects of starting and building a fully operational coaching business and cohesively delivered the information in a 10 week training module.

The course instructor is Marissa Gagliardi who brings her vast array of knowledge, deep intuition, and personal experience from her time in the wine industry and now as the owner and operator of a successful transformational coaching business. As Marissa says, “Clarity comes from action, not thought” and she helps you embody this by taking actionable steps to set up your coaching business.

As someone who has completed the Becoming a Coach Business Training, I can personally attest to the immense benefit of having this fortune of information collected and wrapped together neatly into a streamlined product specifically geared toward the coaching business. Furthermore, to have an instructor with a wealth of personal understanding, wisdom, and an open heart to provide insightful feedback through constructive communication offers a truly unique opportunity to learn and take part in the process of building a coaching business.

I do not say this lightly, having a trustworthy guide who has built their own successful coaching business presenting information specifically tailored to building a coaching business is invaluable.

Clarity comes from action, not thought.

– Marissa Gagliardi, business coach training instructor

Putting your Self in the way of the work, is how the work gets done.

If you aren’t yet convinced that the Becoming a Coach Business Training is right for you, here is the cherry on top. You get to do this work in a group setting, surrounded by other forward thinking, likeminded entrepreneurs!

Speaking from my experience, the process of working with this material in a zoom room, receiving and giving feedback on personal visions and ideas, with a group of people who are pursuing their passions and truly taking charge of their lives gave me a visceral sense of embodied empowerment.

It was in this training where I got clarity exactly what I wanted my business to look like, and what pieces I needed to bring in, to make my vision a reality.

Are you starting to feel like this training program is exactly what you need to take your life and business to the next level?

Without revealing too much of the magic that awaits in the Becoming A Coach Business Training, a few general areas of focus and conversation from the coursework include:

  • Finding Your True North
  • Clarifying Your Niche
  • Establishing Your Business
  • Generating Clients
  • Selling your services
  • Cultivating Yourself

What more can you ask for when planting the seeds of a soon to be blossoming coaching business?

It would be an injustice to those who have taken on this process, and to you as a future entrepreneur to make light of this process. Starting a business is a monumental task.

It takes a deep, on-going commitment and love for the work you are aiming to do. It is a relationship which if nurtured properly can feed you in ways unknown to those yet to take on the task.

When done with attention, intention, and awareness, working for yourself can be one of the most liberating and life changing experiences available to us in the business world.

Many prospective entrepreneurs can envision what the result of their business dreams look like, the dedication and willingness to push ones own ideas of what they are capable of to build that vision, is what separates the pack.

The beauty is you get to choose the perspective on this journey. At Being True To You, we are here to offer you our assistance on your path to cultivating your own coaching business and making your dreams a reality.



Disclaimer: The views in this blog and of the blog writer do not necessarily represent Being True To You LLC. The writer of this blog is an independent contractor, and Being True To You does not necessarily endorse the content written within this blog. Being True To You does not advocate, suggest, approve or disapprove of the use of psychedelic medicines such as Ibogaine. The content written in this blog is not medical advice and is for entertainment purposes only. Being True To You provides transformational recovery and integration “coaching” to individuals and families through the addiction recovery and psychospiritual healing process. Coaching is not a medical service and is not regulated by any governmental authority. It is an emerging profession not accredited by any institution or organization. Being True To You coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy and does not use professional assessments or diagnose mental illness. Being True To You coaches are independent contractors who provide recovery coaching to Being True To You assigned clients on a case-by-case basis.

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